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Have Easier Email Abilities: Connect GoDaddy Email to Gmail

GoDaddy is a big hosting company that offers plenty of different options to its customers. From new domains and hosting options, customers can also build their website with eCommerce options, email options and so much more.

GmailGoDaddy is the biggest company that I have heard of that offers these kinds of services, so that is where I went when I started my own website. GoDaddy has given me everything I have needed and has helped me with a few accidental mistakes that I have made. So, needless to say, GoDaddy is the site that I stay with for as long as it serves me the best.

One thing that I have learned about GoDaddy is the fact that the email takes forever…well, a very long long time...to load. I learned this with my business three years when we signed up with GoDaddy. The way we moved around this slow moving was to sign up through GoogleApps and connect the two. Problem is, this is no longer free. Which means, I either pay a lot of money to use the GoogleApp for anything in the future or I am stuck only using the GoDaddy email interface. What is the solution?

Gmail actually does the trick. It may be a little more involved, and you still need a free Gmail account, but as most of us have one anyway, this won't be difficult.

What you need:

  • GoDaddy email and password as well as your Gmail account and password.
  • Steps to connect:
  • Log into your Gmail.
  • Go to the Gear on the top, right side and click on Settings.
  • Go to the tab "Accounts"
  • Click on "Add a POP3 mail account you own".

A window will pop up…

  • Add the email address and click "next".
  • Add your username, which is the entire GoDaddy email, and your password.

At this point you can add any options like leaving a copy on the server and other options. Then click on "Add Account". It will ask if you want to use the Gmail server or the server the email comes from – choose Gmail, it's faster. It will also give you the option to make the new email an alias. I unclicked that option as it seems to be a bit of a trouble thing. After that, it will then tell you that you will receive an email to confirm you own the website. Go to the GoDaddy email and wait for the Gmail email…click on the link and you are verified.


From that point on, your emails will come to your Gmail account, and you can easily respond from that email address from Gmail as well as receive messages.

If you want to set up your emails on your device like an iPhone, you can set it up like any other Gmail account and receive those same emails from the GoDaddy email. Makes it a lot easier than having to wait for the GoDaddy server.

I hope that this helps you find a better way to access email while still using the great services of GoDaddy.

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Miscelleana Rhinehart enjoys writing and sharing her knowledge while she also puts time into sharing what she learns about Long Island used cars.

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Monday, 05 December 2022
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