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Simple Wordpress Plugins to Make Your Website Better

There are reviews upon reviews that talk about the "Do"s and "Don't"s when starting a website. Wordpress is one of those platforms that has about a million different posts across the Internet that will offer tips and tricks and plenty of reviews about everything.

Tips about what plugins to use.
Tricks about setting up the plugins.
So on and so on.

I have built about five different websites, all with the use of Wordpress, and I learn something new every time I build a new one. I will say; however, there are a few things that stay the same every time, and I simply build on them.

First, where I get my themes from is a constant. I choose Elegant Themes. This website offers me plenty of options and even the Photoshop files too. A lot of web designers have their own locations they go to find their themes (especially with Wordpress themes), but this is different from person to person, so on to the next and main piece to the puzzle that I don't change: plugins.

There are a handful of plugins that I download on to every Wordpress site that I create. I think they are little plugins that make the website that much nicer and a whole lot better.

Note: I want to make sure it's known that some of these plugins have not been updated in a couple of years, but I have personally been using them for that entire time. They may not be updated for the simple fact that they do not need to be. They work brilliantly in their simplicity.

Image Shadow

This plugin adds a shadow behind each of the images that are uploaded to a Wordpress site, whether to a post or a page. It's an automatic update to all JPEG images. For some reason the plugin will not do it to GIFs, but it will to PNGs.


There are plenty of times where a page is made with or without a URL that is the one the webmaster wants to us OR times where a page is no longer going to be used, but deleting it would be a problem. This simple plugin makes it easy to redirect the accidental URL to the intended one. I have never built a website that I didn't need to use it more than once.

TinyMCE Advanced

I happen to love this Wordpress plugin. It gives a TON more options for the text within a post or page without needing to use a bunch of html code. Changes like the size of font, the kind of font and more. It also allows for quick table building without html code.


This plugin allows for the easy and simple build of a mobile website page, so it's much easier to look at the website on a mobile device. It has a lot of options with colors, images, icons and much more. It's a great alternative to building a whole brand new mobile site (no, not something I've done).

Better WP Security

Need to feel safe from people signing into your website? This is a simple plugin to do just that. Upload the plugin, run the plugin, click a couple of buttons (very self-explanatory) and then you are safe protected AND you get a regular database backup (which actually saved my website from extinction).

Well, those are the best plugins that I can offer to anyone looking for something a little extra. Try them out and see for yourself.

Hope they work out!


About Author:

Miscelleana Rhinehart writes for local Long Island Honda dealers while also designing websites for friends and clients.


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Monday, 05 December 2022
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