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Where to Find Inspiration for Blog Post Topics

This should seemingly be an easy question to answer, but in reality it is not as easy as it seems. As any writer, blogger or journalist knows, finding a topic may be the hardest part of writing—next to actually writing it, of course. No, I’m not saying that writing is the hardest part, but for some it may be. Often it may be easier for some to write than to find a topic and vice versa, but everything always depends on everything, including the writer him- or herself.

Blog Content Ideas

Some may not even think that finding a topic may be a difficult task, but just think back to high school when you had to write a paper. Even with the choices are narrowed down for you, was it easy to choose? Probably not. So, now that we’re older, does that mean it gets any easier? Maybe not.

What to Write

Well first, it is always easier to write about what you know. The information flows more naturally from your head onto paper (or type). This doesn’t mean you have to be an expert and know everything but having experience with it may help you learn more information and put it together.

For example, it will take a ton of research for me to write an astronomy post about the movement of the stars, but a lot less if I was writing about, well, writing.

Once you decide what to write, which we can call the genre, you may need some help with the topic, which is the more specific part people may need help with.

Where to Look

Now that you have your topic, it’s time to find the help you may need. Let’s say we did choose the topic of “writing” as the genre. Writing is such a broad genre, isn’t it? That is where it can be harder to narrow down the options. The best thing is to do some Google’ing for topics, ideas, blogs, anything and everything that you enjoy.

If you have a blog that you read often on a topic that you enjoy and a genre that you already know, then you have the perfect avenue.

Search. Look around. Find what sounds like a great topic or something that you can easily write about, and then do that.


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Miscelleana Rhinehart writes blogs every day and writes for Bronx used cars as well as their many online classified ads.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2022
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