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Video and Online Marketing: Will it Work for You?

The longer that we, as users, continue to use the Internet, the more the Internet will be our main place of business. Some may still work with their shoppers, clients and visitors face to face and over the phone, but many companies enable online tactics every single day.

Video MarketingThere are shared emails, newsletters, images, contacts…so much connectivity from every angle. But what is an email but a faceless person talking to you? It’s interesting how you don’t think about how dealing with someone online can bring a different way of communicating, but email really is a faceless.

What if you dealt with a company all the time online and never once saw their faces? Think Amazon.com. Who, if anyone, EVER have you seen? No one, right? Me neither.

For companies similar to Amazon, and I say similar because Amazon is a huge company, and I want us to think smaller. How would a smaller company change this “faceless problem”?


Video for the company. Video of the location. Video of the employees. Video of the CEO. Video of anything to show the company, what it can offer and where it’s going.

Online marketing combined with video can really boost the presence of a company. Why? For so many reasons.

  • It opens a view into a company that may not have been seen before.
  • It visually represents a company the way text on a page cannot.
  • It helps stabilize the company image.

This just touches the bases, of course, since there are so many other reasons. Truth be told, it doesn’t even matter if it’s a company that does only work in a “faceless” way. Video can do all of this for any company. Creativity can bring a different everything to the table depending on the video that is being created. That is what makes video so great for companies.

I feel video is very important for companies for the three reasons above and others that aren’t listed. Does your company have a corporate video presence mixed with its online marketing process?

About author:

Miscelleana Rhinehart helps create video while also writing scripts for NY Mazda dealers.

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Monday, 05 December 2022
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