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Social Media: The Positives

Social media. It's the talk of websites, newspapers, articles. Everywhere you look you will see, read, learn something about social media. Most say what a great idea it is for businesses to be able to communicate with the consumers directly. Share stories and open the page for discussions. How can that be a bad thing? It's not. But there is one problem with social media: the numbers don't track well.

social mediaThere are plenty of times the number of visitors and pageviews will spike as the social media side of the world, which is often followed by higher bounce rates, lower pageviews per visitor and even a lower average time on the site. With numbers jumping up and down, bouncing from page to page, it often makes the positive articles about social media be brought into question.

It may be true that social media visitors visit and leave quickly, but there are plenty of reasons why social media should still be implemented into the marketing strategy and plan of any business.

The Best Parts

Free: Social media is completely free. Signing up for those websites you will use to communicate with your consumers, such as Facebook and Twitter, don't charge a setup fee. They normally make all their money, like a lot of companies, with advertizing so it's completely free to sign up, add your information and get to communicating.

Quick: The results are quick. Like incredibly so. Building a website that is successful can take months or even years; but post the right link or post via social media, and you can have thousands of visitors that will help get your new website or blog seen very quickly. The quicker the better, so why not use social media to do so. With extra links that get sent out with your social media, your search engine's rank may also go up quickly.

Easy: For those just starting out and may think that social media is overwhelming, it gets easier. The more you work with social media, the more you understand the ins and outs. You will get a feel for your users and your particular social media sites. Also, it does not require as much time as some think. Some use social media every day by adding a post while others feel they should be on the internet for hours and hours. Both can have positive results, but you don't need to stress about being online every waking minute.

Some Other Positives

Social media users aren't always the most talkative although that seems to usually be the point. The difference is if they aren't talking, they are sharing. Taking one link from one site and then posting it to another site builds your back links and inbound links. These links help boost your rank and drive traffic to your website. Another thing to learn about social media is that users become predictable. Predictability definitely helps the process. Once you have an understanding of your audience, you will get a feel for what will get a response to and what may just flop where it is. It will also be easier to cater to what your audience wants once you know them.

Future in Social Media

Social media and social networking are growing stronger by the day. With every link and every Tweet and every post, the social media world gets stronger and stronger. With millions of users, Facebook and other big sites will continue to grow and companies will continue to utilize social media for their own communication purposes.


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Tuesday, 29 November 2022
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