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How to Author a Great Blog Worthy of Followers

You think you can write a blog? Well, I’m sure you can, but can you write a blog that makes people want to come back over and again? And there lies one of the big questions. True, it may be easier for some to come up with content while others can write better than they can come up with ideas. It all depends on the writer and, well, the content.

The same goes for your fans, your readers and your return visitors. It is possible that you may grab someone’s attention with one of your posts, but then lose them the next time you write something. So, what are some good pieces of advice to keep in mind as you continue to grow your blog?

One: Pick a Niche

This is important. If you go to a website about moms do you expect to see can post about a Mercedes? Probably not, unless the post teaches moms about why that particular Mercedes is useful for moms. But can you still see that being a slight stretch? Slightly, yes.

Now, if the website has nothing but posts about diapers, children, pedicures, safety and a whole slew of other topics as related to moms, you get a big website like CafeMom with a lot of traffic, because visitors know they are going to get information they are searching for and not random pieces they don’t want.

So, now you have a niche. What else do you need to make your readers happy? Content. They say Content is King. And, that may be true. I can’t say it’s 100 percent true with so many changes in this writing/online/Google/SEO’d world of ours, but I can say that content is up top in importance.

Two: Content

On my own personal blog, there is one thing about content that I have seen as a truth…consistency. If I write/add new content to my site every day, the traffic seems to stay consistent. I have relativity the same amount of visitors every day as I add new content. If I miss one day, it slips to half the next day. Go two days, none.

This doesn’t become true to most websites, but as my blog is a creative one, it isn’t exactly one that many go looking for. They don’t necessarily search for creative writing, but if you have a website about technology, then you may have visitors constantly visiting as constant fresh content is added, even if it is not every day. Just depends on the topic, BUT it does depend on your niche too.

So, with a Niche and Content, you are on your way. Keep going. Keep writing. Keep adding. And stay within the limits your readers are expecting. They are the ones you need to make happy too.


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Miscelleana Rhinehart enjoys sharing what she has learned about websites as she writes for her many Toyota certified customers too.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2022
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