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Integration Brings Simplicity and a Constant Connectivity

Technology had touched the life of practically every person on the planet. Practically. I can’t say 100 percent, because I have no proof; BUT I do know that someone doesn’t need to have technology to have been touched by it. Technology may simply be the catalyst or creator or engineer of whatever it is that touches a person.

For example, a medicinal vaccine may make it to a third world county, to a village that had never seen anything electrical, but still the technology of other countries were used to create that vaccine and therefore their lives have been touched by technology.

Now, with all that being said, the next step in technology is to be able to integrate it together. This already happens with many MANY a device. Let’s take Apple for example as I feel their company does a fantastic job of integrating all of their tools. From the iPod, iMac, Macbook Pro, Mac Pro to the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and iCloud, these devices can be connected seamlessly.

For example, you can connect your iPhone with your iPad so whenever you download an application on one, it will automatically download to the other (as long as the app was made for both devices, of course). This kind of integration keeps someone on the go constantly updated on all devices without having to do anything. This idea = simple.

There are other types of integration for many other devices like Androids, other tablets and eReaders. Which brings me to software. Software also plays a GIGANTIC role in integration too.

Wordpress would be next on my list to use an example, and I could talk about the incredible integration that Wordpress offers on its own, but my thought process is leaning more toward what other websites have done to integrate WITH Wordpress.

For example, Mail Chimp. It is a free website that offers anyone the ability to create email lists and be able to send everyone on the list something like a newsletter or other information. Mail Chimp has not only created a plugin for Wordpress but for Blogger as well. This way, those that subscribe on the website through the Mail Chimp plugin, their information will automatically go to Mail Chimp and be added to the pre-set list.

Integration is an important factor in our lives with the many things we have to work with and deal with on a constant basis. Could you imagine if everything didn’t talk to each other? What if your iPad had to download everything you wanted manually? What if your phone couldn’t be connected to your computer to save your contacts and then you lost your phone?

Some loss of integration could be detrimental, although others are simply inconvenient. Either way, I feel integration will continue to grow as technology continues to grow. Some say our minds may even integrate into technology some day.

But what fun would that be? Or would it?


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Miscelleana Rhinehart writes for different clients such as NJ Jeep as well as for herself when she writes creatively. 

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Tuesday, 29 November 2022
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