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How to Create a Blank Page on Your Wordpress Site

Being an owner and webmaster of a few different websites, I have come across many a new dilemma, problem and, with the help of others who are looking to do the same thing, I find solutions.

With the many other webmasters out in cyberspace, there may be times when you want to create a page on your static Wordpress site, but it is very possible that you don’t want the theme you already have set for every single page. You may be looking for a “blank page” or a “blank slate”, if you will, that does not include a header or sidebars or anything else.

The day came that I needed I wanted a blank slate…a blank page…and to Google I turned. I typed into the search bar “plugin to make a wordpress page blank” as I thought with the so many different plugins, there would be a way to find a plugin that would do what I wanted. After doing some searching through mages, this is the page that I found that was the most helpful in my “blank slate” journey.

So did it work? Yes. Did it take some time? Yes. But in the end, I got it to work.

This is what I did…

First, I opened Notepad and copied the following code (I would add a photo or the code itself, but for some reason it will not copy or paste correctly here, so visit the url above to get it....it's in the second last box of code).

From there it was very simple to save the Notepad file as “background-only.php”. Note: the file will try to save as a .txt file, but simply type .php and it was save it that way. Once it’s saved, upload it into your current theme being used.


/wp-content/themes/theme name/

Obviously, “theme name” is whatever the name of your theme. Here is a quick note: don’t just add the .php file you just created into the theme folder when it is listed with all the themes, but go into the theme and add it there. Meaning, double click INTO the theme once you find it in the list and THEN add the file. I had a problem with it not working until I did that.

There, that was rather easy.

The only thing I needed to do what change the color of the font. That was also easy, but when a plugin such as “Contact Form 7” comes with its own fonts within the code that you can’t change because it’s a shortcode, it makes it harder to be able to change the font color. I was able to do it by changing the font color in the html form I added above, but it depends on your theme. You may no issues with your font at all.

All the information you need is in the page that I linked to above. Good luck with your blank pages!


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Miscelleana Rhinehart enjoys learning about Wordpress and sharing about it while she also writes for NY Hyundai dealers.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2022
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