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What You Should Know About Wordpress

Wordpress is a well-oiled machine! That is honestly the best way to put it. Not only have different developers worked to grow their applications and plugins and widgets, but they have grown with the program. As the program changes, so does the software.

How often does Wordpress update? I would guess at least every couple of months. Then what is the first thing that happens? Developers need to check their plugins and make sure they are compatible with the newest update, and should the need arise, make updates. I, for one, get worried when that happens as I have to wait for the updates and for the information that they are compatible or not. If I don’t see a “100% compatible” at the bottom of the plugin list when it’s ready for an update, I won’t even consider updating it.

Plugins are what make Wordpress into the amazing machine that it is. At least in terms of what webmasters can use them for. Websites can be built from scratch, one page at a time, with lline by line of code with every single aspect of the website being added to said code OR those who want something templated, well-built and ready out of the box can use Wordpress.

Many prefer being able to do this and starting a website rather quickly. Others want to fiddle around. But, that is another great feature of Wordpress, you CAN fiddle around. There is an editor that includes all the code in the website and even the code for the different plugins.

Wordpress brings together the options for both kinds of webmasters. Wordpress give the ability to completely customize a website or to have other programs like different plugins and widgets to add to customize a website instead. Some like to have these options so they can make the website as they want.

So what is it about Wordpress that you should know? It offers everything you need to create a website with the hassle of having to code everything. This is something that most should know about Wordpress. And as odd as that sounds, it has definitely happened because I had no idea, and now I have four websites with Wordpress creation. I would never give up the options that I have in Wordpress.



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Tuesday, 29 November 2022
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