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How to Graphically Design Text into Your Logos and Other Pieces: What To Keep in Mind

Graphic Design is one of those adventures of creativity that can be just as any other creative project—difficult. It can also be super easy. It really depends on the prep-work, process, and project. There are certain pieces of the process that aspiring, novice, beginner, and other-leveled graphic artists should keep in mind while working. Of course it depends on what you are creating, but having a few pieces of advice may help throughout your logo creation.


Logos are incredibly important for companies. They brand your name and can often solidify your brand image. Each little detail of the logo is very important. From the colors to the shapes to even the messages they convey, it is important to pay attention to every detail. Take a look at our logo design shop.


Colors have different meanings depending on the country. For example, we think of red as a powerful color while blue is confident with integrity. Don’t think so? Look at the color of ties worn by every presidential candidate in the past 16 years. Blue and Red.


Shapes offer us a similar important role. Some shapes are very distinctive, and you can name what company it goes to no matter where you come from across the globe. Some overused, but very true examples, include the Olympic rings and the McDonalds. They are known everywhere.

Here are some other important things to keep in mind when designing a logo or any other kind of graphic design such as posters or other artwork:


In terms of graphic design, it is important for the font, text, color, size and shapes to be different from the background that you choose. If they all blend in with the background, they will not stand out enough and could cause viewers to miss your concept.

Fonts and Effects

Use a simple font and add some creative effects. This is a better idea than using a busy font with effects, because it can be too much to look at. Minimal effects work best.


This has more to do with fonts and graphic design elements. Keep one or two fonts consistent throughout the design, and everything will be more cohesive.


Whatever placement that you choose, because it has to work with your unique design, make sure that is aligns to some point. Keep text close together to help your viewer find the text and important information.

While creating logos or other graphic designs, there is plenty to keep in mind, and these are just a few important ones to factor into your design. Practice and have fun mixed with patience as you learn and find the best process for you.

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Miscelleana Rhinehart enjoys creating graphic design while she also enjoys writing for Long Island Jeep dealers and their many online classifieds

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Tuesday, 29 November 2022
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