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Web hosting is a kind of Internet hosting service that permits individuals and businesses develop their own website available worldwide. Web hosts are companies that offer space on server they own or hire for use by their customers together with supplying Internet connectivity and some kind of control panel, normally in a data center.
Before choosing a web host provider, it is important that you read web hosting reviews and compare web hosting plans and take into consideration several factors in your review.

Reliability and up-time

The availability of any website is calculated from the percentage of per annum when the website is publicly available and reachable through Internet. This is different compared to| measuring server up-time, as up-time refers into the system itself being on-line. Take a look at downtime table below:

Downtime per month
Downtime per year
100% 0 min 0 min
When discussing reliability, one often talks about "five nines" (99.999%), "four nines" (99.99%), "three nines" (99.9%), etc
For example, according to a Fatcow review, they promise a 99.9% uptime record which is needed in an online business. Your site shouldn’t be caught on a downtime period at the time of their visits otherwise they may not revisit your site.
99.999% 0.4m 5m
99.99% 4m 52m
99.9% 43m 8h 46m
99.8% 1h 26m 17h 31m
99.7% 2h 10m 1d 2h 17m
99.6% 2h 53m 1d 11h 2m
99.5% 3h 36m 1d 19h 48m
Many service providers do not count downtime caused by planned maintenance into their uptime numbers.
A review of iPage shows that they are highly reliable. They utilize Dell hosting servers and their staff  monitor them 24/7 and ensure that any problems are fixed before customers get affected.
99.4% 4h 19m 2d 4h 34m
99.3% 5h 2m 2d 13h 19m
99.2% 5h 46m 2d 22h 5m
99.1% 6h 29m 3d 6h 50m
99.0% 7h 12m 3d 15h 36m
98.9% 7h 55m 4d 0h 22m
98.8% 8h 38m 4d 9h 7m
Be really careful with choice of web hosting provider, read user reviews, check comparison charts, hosting reliability and uptime is critical for your business.
98.7% 9h 22m 4d 17h 53m
98.6% 10h 5m 5d 2h 38m
98.5% 10h 48m 5d 11h 24m
98.4% 11h 31m 5d 20h 10m
98.3% 12h 14m 6d 4h 55m
98.2% 12h 58m 6d 13h 41m
98.1% 13h 41m 6d 22h 26m
98.0% 14h 24m 7d 7h 12m

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