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Recent blog posts
Who says, social media is a time sink? If properly managed, it can act like an ultimate source of productivity as well as successful user base. People often ask me if there is a shortcut of managing social profiles for awesome follow-ship and great performance of their brand. I am sad to say NO! There is never a shortcut to success pertaining for a long time. But, there are ways, your effort become more productive than traditional ones. I suggest to those anxious, to use, the convenient tools for management of their social profiles and branding pages after understanding them properly.  Image Credit: www.toprankblog.com Every person has varying needs. Keeping it in my mind, I have tried to compile a list of social media management tools you can use to gain suitable results. Each one is simple to use and always inspire you or your employees to increasing your value in no time. Mind you, they are not shortcuts, but, oriented dose to your humble efforts. Who will not want to grab a motivating and productive tool? Buffer If you love scheduling, then Buffer is the tool you need. It is robust in performance to those who require scheduling of their...
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online forum
There are a lot of online forums on the internet, but not all of them are popular, and among webmasters who want to develop their own popular online, a common question that's often asked is "What makes good online forums?" Well, the truth is that forum popularity is influenced by a lot of factors, and most of them have to do with the users and topics of the forums themselves. In fact, technology is the least important factor in creating a popular online forum. What really matters is keeping users engaged and making sure that new content is generated regularly. So if you want to create your own forum, here are some rules that you should follow.  Find A Reliable Forum Software The first thing that you will need for your forum is a reliable online software. A good software should have very little downtime, good security protocols, IP recognition filters as well as a visually impressive graphics. A couple of good examples are vBulletin and XenForo, but feel free to choose whichever software you like as long as they're reliable.  Encourage Controversy and Factionalism A good forum is a divided forum, and this is because factions and controversy stimulate discussion....
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Facebook Chat SPAM
This isn't a new trends, but certainly it is getting more and more annoying and prominent to be contacted in Facebook of Google Hangouts chat by somebody that try to offer your something. If I can recall, I wrote an article regarding SPAM very recently, though compared to today, levels of SPAM were almost nothing. SPAM on Facebook and Google Plus And then there was chat! It is not a JOKE, since the beginning of 2014, I got contacted by the “dream team” - Michal Jordan from India, Kobe Bryant from Pakistan and Charles Barkley from Yemen. All of them are SEO gurus with few months of experience or web developers that have HTML2.1 websites. The old song! “thr, pls like this page ….” No thanks! SPAM reported! Every single day there are at least 20 request of people to join WebmaisterPro group on Facebook, but the interesting part is that profiles are either created a week ago or doesn't display any personal information or photographs excepts “company” website link and company logo as avatar. Though, it is stated clearly that group doesn't want Facebook page link exchanges, on daily basis one new member get banned, simply because haven't learned to...
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Website Templates Shop at WebmaisterPro
About 10 ago, WebmaisterPro added new feature – we've launched premium website templates shop. We offer templates/themes for some of the most popular CMS like - WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc... as well as pure HTML5, JS animated, Silverlight and Flash templates. Using website templates in a combination with popular CMS is one of the fastest ways to develop new web project. Suitable scenario for professionals and non-professionals – choosing easy to deal with content management system with right template, that can easily be amended to fit your needs. Of course there are always pros and cons, but if your web development company is tight up with many web design/development projects, web design prototyping with premium template is easier and faster than building website from scratch. You can find template for almost any CMS, as well as we have separated templates into different categories. Finding your new web design with just few clicks! Catalog updates will be performed every few days, so we ensure you that there will be always fresh designs and ideas that are tight up with latest web development trends. Of course, if you need extra help of selecting a template, amending it or simply want to learn...
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Social media pages are incredibly popular, and come in all different styles and types. Because of this, you can use social media to help you identify your own unique interior design style.   Locate a number of pages you enjoy viewing on a daily basis. Bookmark and save them. By finding the pages that appeal to you the most, you can start to devise the styles you want for your own home, whether it involves attractive furnishings such as a beautiful platform bed, or the colors you’ll be applying to the walls of various rooms.Here’s how to do it.   Choosing social media pages for interior design purposes   Choosing the social media pages to follow on an ongoing basis to develop your interior design ideas takes time and consideration. There are many different design pages, with many different levels of taste and sophistication, from the crafty to the elite.   If you enjoy doing crafts and remodels with your own two hands, you’ll naturally gravitate toward some of the do-it-yourself social media sites. These types of pages allow visitors to see what other people are creating on their own, using items they procured from a proper craft store or a...
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Bring your own device (BYOD) has been growing in popularity in recent years. In the workplace, BYOD essentially allows employees to use personal devices for company purposes. This practice has become so widespread that some even predict it will become mandatory by approximately half of employers by the year 2017. This is especially true for midsize and larger enterprises (2,500-5,000 employees) where the practice is more prevalent. While many point to the benefits of such a system, which include greater employee freedom and potential reduces cost to the company, others emphasize the risks, mainly in the realm of security. Much of the success of a BYOD system lies in the hands of the employees themselves. If employees are careful and diligent in following rules that minimize risk, security becomes less of a problem. However, there is evidence to suggest that many employees may not be willing to comply. Young people don’t follow the rules Recent research shows that the younger generation of employees (age 21 to 32), including those who are now just entering the workforce, are resistant to BYOD security policies. Researchers took a survey of 3,200 employees at this age and found that 51 percent were willing to ignore...
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Freelancer.com Screenshot
Freelancer.com is probably one of the most popular freelancer tasks website. A bit of history first – actually the Aussie company started as “ GetAFreelancer” and in 2009 they changed the name to Freelancer.com. This maneuver happened few years after the establishment. This was quite interesting turn and from this point the invasion have started! In 2011 EUFreelance.com was acquired by Freelancer, Swedish Magnus Tibell founder EUFreelance in 2004. The next to come was Freelancer.de again in 2011, though the terms of the deal was not disclosed at the time. Actually Freelancer.de closed doors completely after this deal. Then Freelancer.com turned berserk, the list is so long and leading companies like: LimeExchange, Scriptlance.com, Freelancer.co.uk, Webmaster-talk.com and there may be more. Most recent news are that Ukrainian digital marketplace – Fantero.com was also acquired, though again I couldn't find details on the deal. Yesterday, I've got the newsletter from Warrior forum. One of the biggest and most trusted forum community for webmasters and entrepreneurs was bought for $3.2 million dollars. Half of the listed companies and website do not anymore. Do you think that warriorforum.com will follow the same destiny? Probably! Who is next? Are there only 2 companies in the world...
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Chiropractors are always looking for new patients, so that they can grow their practice and develop their business. The more patients you have, the better because it means that you will be booked up with appointments and business will be coming along very smoothly. However, what is the best way for chiropractors to attract new patients? There are many methods that chiropractors can use in order to draw new business toward their client, including using internet marketing to its full potential. Here are some techniques that chiropractors can keep in mind when they are focusing on attracting new clients: Create an Effective Website Building an effective chiropractor website is very important as it will be the first impression of you that many of your potential patients see. A good website should be attractive, easy to navigate and should contain all of the information that your patients need to know about your business. This includes your contact information, location, rates, experience and the services that you offer. Also, your website should contain a “call to action”. This is when you give a specific direction to visitors, such as asking them to register and offering a 10% discount on their first appointment if they do....
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digital streaming
Digital streaming is rapidly becoming the delivery method of choice for various forms of media, from music to movies and a whole lot more. Streaming movies alone has become an enormous industry, with tens of millions of people signing up to services from large companies offering films and programmes that are instantly viewable across a range of devices. A large part of the attraction of streaming movies is that people get to watch what they want and when they want it. It does away with scheduled broadcast services from television companies, whose executives decide what we should view, and when. It's all about providing more choice, flexibility and control to people, and it's a development that's also being seen in other forms of traditional media, such as newspapers. Editors are losing their control over what kind of news and features people should read about. Consumers are seeking out what they want themselves, on the multitude of internet sites. With the development of advanced Wi-Fi devices that can be plugged into televisions, enabling seamless streaming, and the emerging availability of limitless data packages that are also affordable, it’s a safe bet that streaming movie and programme services are going to rise even...
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Joomla Security
Joomla is fast becoming one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) with millions of Joomla websites on the web and more getting built every day. Due to this reason, Joomla developers are unable to provide support for very single website on this platform every day. But the increase in popular of Joomla also means that more hackers are now using the site.    In this post we are going to show you through a thorough 9-point security check list you must make to secure your Joomla site from hackers. If you are familiar with WordPress, then you will no doubt notice a number of similarities in the security points between these two popular content management systems. As promised, here is the check list: 1. Choose a good hosting service: Good hosting is vital for Joomla security. While shared hosting may be okay, your website will be left vulnerable when other websites hosted on the same server get attacked. There are many small Joomla hosting companies offering a variety of hosting plans for Joomla website owners. Alternatively, you should go for servers specifically set up to host Joomla websites but with only a few sites hosted on each server. 2. Update...
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Delete All Comments
Without a doubt WordPress is the most popular PHP based CMS. Additionally WordPress offer the most popular commenting system, however due to popularity, commenting system is abused by spammers. It is not a secret that WordPress based websites and blogs leave a lot of footprints, that are used by spammers. Actually some of these footprints are integrated into some of the black hat spam applications like ScrapeBox or simply can be used with Google as advanced search operators. There are number of anti-spam extensions that can reduce levels of spam like Akismet, GASP, integrating captcha images, etc... However bulk deleting or deleting comments from particular name, date, URL, etc can be very difficult and I don't think that there is plug-in that can do this job. In this article, I will review some advanced techniques that can assist you with some time consuming tasks – deleting comments directly from database. IMPORTANT! Before you try any of these, please back-up your database, in case something go wrong! Your database may use different prefix, in our example we are using the default “wp_”, replace the prefix to match your database prefix. Delete All SPAM Comment Yes, there is in-build function of WordPress to...
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Shopping Mall
Brace yourselves: a new beast is about to be added to the rapidly growing list of extinct species, only this time it won't be a bird, fish, or any other animal. No, if current trends continue, the great American shopping mall, that omnipresent pinnacle of our love to eat food court offerings and shop until we drop, will be a thing of the past. Since 2006, not a single new enclosed mall has been built in the United States. By 2024, approximately 50% of all our once beloved malls will be closed, never again to let the ring of a cash register echo through their venerable halls. That's Not to Say All Malls Are Dead, but... Of course, this shouldn't be read to mean that all malls will go the way of the dinosaurs. If you take anything away from this, it should be that the shopping center will become more of a novelty, instead of a consumerist utopia that every big city has. As of now, there are 109,000 shopping centers peppered throughout the United States, most of which will be closing in the very near future. However, as with anything, innovation and novelty will play a huge part in...
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Communication with Customer
Often there are stories related to “customer from hell”, “cheating webmaster”, “web developer disappearance”, etc... Partially there is a lot of truth, but let's not forget that there are two sides in these stories. Practically communication between web developer (company) and customer is extremely important, but what usually happen is that there is misunderstanding, that's why educating the client is important. All the steps that I will describe are absolute necessity to prevent future problems and possibility to do double job. Communication with your Team Every project is related to cost, time-frame, technology choice, scalability, etc... As a team leader you should have the expertise related to all these factors. In web development there are always delays, but sometimes delay on time-frame is related to miscalculation by the company or changing the project too often in the last moment, to fit client requirements. Collaboration between the team is very important, as well as prioritizing the tasks, you simply can't build a house, if you try to put the windows first. Planning and Communication with Customer Especially for brand new web project, creating a detailed outline of what customer want is essential. Document all communication and requirements, to prevent delays. Recently I've...
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The Concept of Cloud Computing
According to InfoWorld, Amazon has just released a new service known as the Cost Explorer, with the goal of enabling organizations to more easily view and analyze their spending using Amazon's hosted cloud services. Amazon Web Services have, in the past, been criticized for the difficulty involved with tracking and projecting cloud costs. It seems that the industry giant was listening, because the new tool is likely to be a big hit with current users.To assist users, the Cost Explorer, which is free, will come with several preconfigured reports that can help make clear the totals of daily spending, the monthly spending for each service, and more. Cost Explorer allows users to create customized filters for cost analysis based on services, tags, time period and accounts. Cost Explorer is capable of analyzing data for the current month as well as the previous four months of available data.According to a recent study by RightScale, about 94% of companies now use cloud technology in some capacity. However, there is a wide variety of adoption levels when it comes to deployment. Keeping the cost of cloud services under control can be difficult for companies that use it for a large range of capabilities.Amazon seems to...
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A big change is already taking place for businesses across the world as the proliferation of mobile technology rapidly advances. For years, companies have been trying to keep up as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become commonplace in the work environment. Another similar trend is emerging, one taking advantage of the innovations of programmers and entrepreneurs. It’s called Bring Your Own Application (BYOA), and some experts are predicting it will surpass BYOD as the dominant movement in the office. Whereas BYOD is when employees bring their personal devices (tablets, smartphones, laptops) in to work to perform their duties, BYOA is where employees utilize their own chosen apps that are downloaded onto their devices. The two trends are similar in nature in that employees are choosing for themselves how best to do their jobs by using the latest technology. Both strategies carry significant benefits, but they also come with potential concerns that IT departments must address. BYOA is a result of employees looking for the right tools to get the job done in the most efficient way possible. One recent study found 37% of employees who already use apps for work are likely to spend their own money downloading apps in...
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In the tech world, the Chinese multinational Lenovo Group Ltd. is a juggernaut. That's why United States officials are taking a closer look at a recent deal made by Lenovo to purchase a server unit from IBM for $2.3 billion. In short, the government fears that valuable intelligence secrets could be leaked out to China through IBM's tech servers -- but why would that happen in the first place? For one thing, the Pentagon uses IBM servers. The FBI uses IBM servers. Some of America's largest telecommunications companies use IBM servers, according to Telegram.com. That has some of the top officials in the U.S. worried that the servers could give the Chinese inside access to the information on those servers. The deal plans to expand Lenovo's presence in North Carolina to nearly 5,000. The agency called the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. -- known as CFIUS for short -- will handle the investigation, The Inquirer reports. This deal was made all the way back in January, so what's taking the examiners so long to decide whether or not the deal will stand? At this point, it's not entirely certain. What is certain, however, is that the U.S. has approved similar...
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Most profit enterprises operate under a single, lasting mandate that consists of sales lead generation and capturing market share. But every successful marketer and business owner alike knows capturing leads and sales can be challenging in today’s expanding market place. With start-ups, large corporations, mom and pop shops, fly-by-night ventures, and online businesses all vying for market share, the market can quickly become oversaturated with endless options for the same types of products and services. And with too many varieties, as we all know, buyers can simply become too overwhelmed or intimated by the buying process to proceed. That’s why effective marketing is essential. Effective marketing essentially boils down to the way in which you introduce your products and services to the buying public; and, moreover; how those buyers who are particularly interested in the products and services your company offers respond to your efforts (i,e., will they buy?). As a whole, marketing encompasses advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. And each of these areas should be looked at when measuring the effectiveness of any marketing campaign. But before a marketing campaign can begin, a formalized marketing plan should be put into place. The Ins and Outs of an Effective Marketing...
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For 15 years in business, I've seen so many con-artists in SEO and web development that you can't imagine. Unfortunately customers usually fall into trap straight. There is one more thing, many online marketing companies are actually managed by “sales” guys that simply outsource the work to 3rd party. As a matter of fact, long ago, I've worked for that kind of company. The whole work process was outsourced to India. Excepts Matt Cutts real Twitter profile, all other screenshots are related to con-artist and pseudo experts profiles.  Story One – Bad Management Large percent of companies operate this way and even worse – a company outsource work to a company that outsource work to another company, recently I saw this with my eyes – Bangkok company X, give a job to company Y in Kiev (e-commerce shop based on Magento). The project cost - $7500, though the Ukrainians overcharged badly for this “out of the box” project, they even outsourced part of custom development to a company Z in Mumbai, paid them $900 and requested extra $800 from the company in Bangkok! Wohoo! Good reason why this had happened at the first place – IT project manager of company X...
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Kaloyan Banev
Hi WebmaisterPro friends! Almost 3 years since WebmaisterPro project have started! A lot of on-go testing and strategies have been implemented during this time and I personally think that it is time to find co-founder of WebmaisterPro.WebmaisterPro is Looking for Co-Founder/Partner There are few features that are on the list of "to come", but unfortunately budget is limited. WebmaisterPro is seriously looking for co-founder or investors that are interested to become part of management. This is serious proposal for serious people only. This web project holds huge potential since day 1, though during most of the time, I have been one man band. Change of Business ModelUnfortunately this non-commercial model can not continue any longer and WebmaisterPro is slowly moving to different business model. In the next couple of months, we will introduce different levels of premium membership.This step is related to reducing web spam, especially in our webmaster's blog. If you are interested to become co-founder or investor in this challenge, please contact me. I will be able to provide you with more details regarding business plan and ROI. Kind regards,KalFounder and CEO, WebmaisterPro...
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The first step of website speed optimization start with selecting quality web hosting services and of course server optimization. This guide is written for general purpose, however described techniques work on VPS and above with root access, as well as require deep understanding of server administration. If you are a blogger or small business website owner, probably you don't need to do that, but if you have large, complicated project with high levels of traffic, then continue reading. Even some of the most popular CMS and blogging platforms sometimes require some extra boost, for instance high traffic Joomla, Drupal and even WordPress can consume a lot of resources and can be unusable if traffic levels are high. Now lets start with the essence and the very basics. Choosing Server Operating System Assuming that we are talking about PHP based project, Windows might to the job, but without a doubt Linux will save a lot of system resources. Picking popular Linux distro can be tricky, I have test most and without a doubt for web project CentOS or Ubuntu LTS would be the right choice. Both have active communities, so if things go wrong it is easy to find reliable support. Best...
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