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What makes an app sell? Everyone that has ever owned a smartphone has imagined an app idea at one point. The truth is apps are a dime-a-dozen. There are over 2 million apps on the smartphone market. The revenue is right around 10 billion a year, meaning most apps don't make money. The good news is we can learn from the apps that are making money. They really are great examples of 'what to do' when considering an app idea. Here are 10 must-have apps that do a lot of things right: They satisfy a popular need. They offer free and paid versions with extra value. They have clean, minimal screen designs that make them easier to navigate. They do something different that adds meaning for users. They allow customization. They're generally multi-purpose. Why do we love these organization apps?1. The Evernote app is a great example of good, free software that almost always leads to a paid upgrade in order to access all your notes offline too. You can take notes in nearly every way possible -- through web clips, typing, uploading photos from your camera that you can annotate -- and you can search for any keywords on any of these...
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The digital marketing numbers for 2015 are in, and the research shows that your biggest audience is online, in more ways than one. There are now three billion internet users, translating into 40% of the entire world’s population. The numbers are impressive: 91% of these users access the internet via a PC or laptop, and 80% access the internet via Smartphone. The research didn’t even factor in how much of the population uses both! This puts content marketing professionals in reach of a great opportunity to connect with their customers like never before. However, this also adds a new challenge to their overall digital strategy: competition. Smart Insights and TMF&A’s study offers recommendations to help you keep your online audience engaged. Insights: How to Reach Digital Consumers Computers and laptops, smartphones, tablets, and game consoles (respectively) are the most popular devices used to access the internet. 2015 will also see an increase in emerging devices inspired by the IoT (Internet of Things). For example, 34% of internet users access the network through a Smart TV, and less than 10% use either a Smart Watch or Smart Wristband. Essentially, your customers are easily within the scope of digital outreach. Smart Insight’s research showed that...
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Modern Website Design
Having a website is no longer enough nowadays. Various aspects need to be considered while making websites now. These include modern design, usability and great content. The SEO technological market has not just changed with the new on-page as well as off-page considerations but the very way customers view and consume content has also changed substantially. Modern and new aesthetics, design, as well as navigational considerations, are nowadays built into the architecture of new websites. Modern web design involves multi-department and multi-skill set approaches. Content and SEO is a significant part of this design and build process. It is also essential to understand the factors like how the design casts an impact on SEO, link between SEO and usability, the way readability casts an impact upon SEO as well as differences between information, content and technical architecture. Design: You are bound to be surprised by the number of websites that has not yet caught up in terms of modern website design. Disproportionate amounts are often spent on optimization and marketing; this needs to be balanced with usability and a simple, clean and engaging design. Finding the balance between design that appears modern yet simple, informative and engaging for users is the...
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Smartphone technology is really creeping its way into product marketing and this is a great thing and we need more of it. One example of this is the GoPro camera. The GoPro camera offers an app for smartphone users where you can now take photos and record videos with your GoPro that might be a hundred feet away. This makes the product more innovative. It's the direction of most digital products, but it should be the case with non-digital products.Another example would be QR codes. QR codes are on most popular products today just in case you want to learn more from your tablet. Smartphone technology is really creeping its way into product marketing and this is giving the user a better experience. I did my research and I believe this should be on more products. Here are 7 of my ideas. Analyzing Your Energy CostsCurrently, residents may purchase sensors that can be attached to most electronics, and these gadgets will consistently send information about each device's consumption of energy to a software program. Consequently, web designers can create an app that automatically monitors the electricity, the water and the gas that a household uses.Finding Inexpensive AutomobilesDevelopers may design an app that automatically...
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write better code
Being a web developer is a great job. You get to write code and create websites for your employer or for clients. However, while it seems there are a lot of web developers out there, you can stand out from the crowd by becoming a better web developer. I've shared a few tips in this article.   Read and Study Other People's Code   A great way to improve your web development skills is to read and study code that other developers have written. This allows you to understand how different code is run and how it works, which can give you ideas on different ways to solve problems and get things done.   The way that other people write code may be better than the way you would have solved it, which is great, because it lets you learn from them and improve your development skills.   If the code you're reading isn't as good as yours, or has a problem, you can learn from it as well. Work out what isn't so good about it, or why it isn't working. The process of you thinking about the code and trying to improve it will make you a better...
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