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Espresso is a lightweight very quick coding environment that handles syntax very well without using too much system resources.

I guess that everybody have favorite IDE for one or another reason. I personally prefer those that are lightweight and to not try to use too much system resources. Espresso is one of those editors that really impress with speed and functionality. Some of the most table features are:

  • Web Preview with X-ray
  • Live Styling and Overrides
  • Effortless Sync and Publishing
  • Language Support
  • Etc...

First it handles CSS3 and I personally don't know many editors that can do that, actually I don't know any! The second main reason I like it is that offer support of so many languages - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP; all-new Ruby, Python, Apache and Markdown. And the 3rd reason is excellent handling with syntax plus preview with “X-Ray” with give nice visual impact.

Well, it isn't perfect, but lacks a bit of support on server side languages, but I would highly recommended for a quick editor for daily web development needs, especially CSS3.

I hope I will not disappoint reason when I say that it is available only for Mac, there is free and paid version which we highly recommend.